Give Your Students A Plan For Their Lives

20121017-125702.jpgHave you ever thought about given your students a plan go their lives? What would it look like if you handed the students in your life a resource that could dramatically change the trajectory that the are taking?

Right now in my life I am working as a substitute teacher in the East Texas area where I live. I was in a class that was an hour and a half long. Forty Five minutes we has already completed the assignments that the teacher had left. Instead of wasting the last forty-five minutes that I had with them I came up with a great idea.

Years ago I stated living my life based around a program called the Micheal Hyatt Life Plan. The Life Plan is a sole resource that ask some pointed question. Great resource for every person serious about building life worth copying.

So I had the students in my class work on a shortened version of the life plan. I was surprised how engaged and involved they were. They worked really hard on starting to take control of their own lives. We had two young ladies who were pregnant and I was able to discuss with them how this would not only affect their lives but the lives of their babies. Powerful time with a SER of awesome students. Now I don’t know if this was legal or not. Could really care less. What mattered most was this gave the students a tool to change their lives. To give them back their own lives.

So check it out at God bless and love you all dearly.

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